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Ayame Kabuse | あやめかぶせ

Packaging Size: 100g & 1kg

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About Ayame Kabuse | あやめかぶせ

Ayame is Kabuse, a Sencha that undergoes shading before harvest. This short shading period takes places 10 days before harvest and intensifies the color of the leaf while adding depth and sweetness. It also works to limit the development of any astringent or bitter qualities in the leaf. We often describe Kabuse as the link between Sencha and Gyokuro. It maintains the refreshing brightness of Sencha while also offering a richer, deeper umami associated with Gyokuro.

Recommended for: Kabuse has been one of our most beloved teas and continues, year after year to maintain a loyal following. If you like your Sencha deep and rich with plenty of unctuous mouthfeel, then this is the one for you. We also love making Ayame Kabuse iced tea employing the Mizudashi method. It brews up with an unbelievable color and sweetness that is unparalleled.

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

10 day shading, machine picked

Cultivars: Okuhikari, Okumidori, Tsuyuhikari

Tasting Notes

Pine | Nori Seaweed | Refreshing


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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