Ayame Kabuse Sencha

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Kabuse cha is a style of tea that shares characteristics with gyokuro and sencha. The tea plants are shaded for one to three weeks before harvest, which slows photosynthesis and fosters development of L-Theanine amino acids in the leaves. This gives the finished tea a rich, savory undertone and decadent texture. This specific tea is shaded for ten days before harvest, intensifying its deep green hue and imbuing it with a rich, fresh fragrance with notes of pine and butter.

Baked Grass / Nori / Cream

Producer: Collective
Production Area: Yame
Cultivar: Blend
Production Year: 2024
Packaging: 100g, Oxygen Free

Always use fresh filtered water
Water: 180cc / 6 oz (175F)
Leaf Amount: 5-6g / 1.5 teaspoons
Brew Time: 1 minute

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