Botanical Tea Pot (0.5/1L)

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These stunning tea pots were crafted by hand in Niigata prefecture. Made of thin borisilicate glass, each pot can withstand boiling water when brewing which helps in highlighting the intense aromatics of herbals and black teas. The removable strainer is useful for smaller leaf green teas as well. The brass handle will patina over time creating a lovely, deep finish.


[Size] W130×D108×H205 

[Capacity] Approximately 450mL ( practical) Approximately 2 or 3 cups 

[Color] Transparent

[Weight] Approximately 250g


[Size] W160 x D135 x H233   

[Capacity] Approximately 900mL ( practical) Approximately 4.5 cups 

[Color] Transparent

[Weight] Approx. 300g

Handwash only. Not suitable for direct flame (do not heat on stove or over flame)