Complete Gokasho Matcha Collection

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We are proud to offer a new collection featuring the entire range of matcha offerings from the Furukawa family.  This set allows the drinker to compare and analyze how each cultivar expresses itself while isolating region and production methodology.

About the Furukawa Family 

A husband and wife team that craft small-batch, single cultivar matcha next to the banks of the uji river in Gokasho. Both humble and charming, they'd never let on that they have been awarded Japan's top prize for matcha. But everyone who knows them says the same thing: They never cut corners, and you can taste their passion in the tea they make. In addition to producing peerless matcha, they have a deep respect for their land and act as its stewards. They have begun practicing an all natural form of garden management and document their processes on social media. Year after year they quietly craft teas of the highest order, helping all discover the magic of nature. Gokasho is known as the birthplace of the world famous Ujicha. The Furukawa family has been growing their tea plants using traditional techniques for generations.

The set contains one 20g tin of each tin:

Gokasho Organic Samidori
This Samidori was produced from newer bushes utlizing a new 100% organic blend of nutrient denser fertilzer. Shaded for 20 days under synthetic netting, the bushes concentrate flavor and aroma making for a tea with incredible character - the most stunning organic tea we have come across.

Gokasho Saemidori
Most often used for blending, Saemidori is a cultivar that lends a beautiful green hue and balanced freshness to blends. When consumed on its own it conveys a gentle sweetness. This example has deep marine notes and a toasted hay note on the nose.

Gokasho Uji Hikari
Made from 100% unblended Uji Hikari cultivar, this matcha has focused freshness, clean sweetness and a lasting creamy mouthfeel.

Gokasho Asahi
We are excited to offer an unblended 100% Asahi cultivar matcha from Uji, Japan. Asahi cultivar is revered in Uji for its natural sweetness, aroma, and deep green color. This is a wonderful opportunity to try a style of tea not commonly found outside of Japan's domestic market, or inside it for that matter.

Always use fresh filtered water

Water: 65cc / 2 oz (175F)
Powder Amount: 2g / 1.5 teaspoons
Whisk vigorously until a fine foam appears



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