Founders Collection Subscription: Curated by Kettl Founder, Zach Mangan

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A monthly curation from Kettl founder Zach Mangan
(Bi Weekly subscribers will receive the same tea twice in one month).

Explore the world of tea with Kettl founder and head of tea sourcing, Zach Mangan. Each month Zach will highlight a tea from the current Kettl collection that he feels is at peak flavor. Subscribers can look forward to our best in class Sencha, Houjicha and Kabuse loose leaf tea and unique new selections added to our menu. Subscribers will be prioritized to receive these new and unique products as they arrive.

Each month we will ship 50 - 100g of loose tea with free shipping. Monthly shipments will be shipped on the 15th of each month. 

Current Selection:

Sencha Asahi

A special sencha from the venerable Kyoto tea shop, Ryuouen, who have entrusted Kettl to become their only wholesaler outside of Japan. We cherish this opportunity and the friendship, guidance and delicious tea they provide us. Asahi (unrelated to the cultivar of the same name) is made from high quality sencha harvested in the Uji Wazuka region. This light steamed tea is rich in umami, with notes of blanched greens, nori, and finished by an elegant astringency.

Rich | Nori | Blanched Greens

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan
Packaging: 50g Bag


Water: 150cc / 6 oz (170F)

Leaf Amount: 6g / 1.5 teaspoons

Brew Time: 1 minute


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