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Hanaka Matcha | 花香

Packaging Size: 20g Tin

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About Hanaka Matcha | 花香

Description: Hanaka is a smooth and decadent Matcha with a satisfying dark chocolate aroma. Hanaka translates to "Summer flower" and embodies the soft, sweet breezes of southern Japan. Made from select tea leaves from Yame prefecture that were shaded 20 days, harvested and gently processed. Yame represents the future of Matcha production and Hanaka could be the poster child for what we love about this region: incredible fragrance, low astringency, a soft cocoa-y nuttiness, and an undeniable value. We don't take the task of sourcing our teas lightly - and more are passed over than chosen for our catalog. But We loved this tea from the first sip and are confident it will be a classic. We know our customers demand the highest standards and we are certain Hanaka will exceed them.

What we love about this tea: Hanaka's charm is in its ease. This tea brews up wonderfully regardless. Some days you might not want to measure water or matcha powder - and from our tests, Hanaka turns delivers under almost all circumstances. Hot, Cold, as a (decadent) latte. It just tastes great. Period.

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

20 day shaded Matcha from Fukuoka | Usucha

Cultivars: Seasonal Blend

Tasting Notes

Cocoa Powder | Toasty | Gentle


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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