Kaikado 200g Brass Caddy
Kaikado 200g Brass Caddy
Kaikado 200g Brass Caddy
Kaikado 200g Brass Caddy

Kaikado 200g Brass Caddy

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We are proud to offer a true artisan Chazutsu Tea Caddy from the 130 year old Kyoto based Kaikado. Since 1875, these caddies have been made by hand in the back streets of Kyoto. Each caddy requires 130 steps for completion - every step is done painstakingly by hand. This 200g container features an exterior of rolled brass with an inner lid that lowers down to remove air. The top lid fits perfectly - when the edges are aligned to lid will slowly close on its own removing any additional air. 

The exterior of the caddy will patina with use and today the most coveted canisters show the beauty of years of use. In short, this is the perfect storage for Kettl's teas.

Caddy: 92mm × 136mm

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