Kin Houjicha | 金ほうじ茶

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Packaging: 110g Ryuouen Can

Kin Houjicha is the diamond in the crown of Ryuouen's houjicha offering. The soft and gentle roast is evidenced by the still greenish hue of the stems. Made from select Uji grown shaded karigane, Kin offers deep aromatics and incredibly refined and lasting umami. 

This hojicha is sourced from the venerable Kyoto tea shop, Ryuouen. After several years of visiting them and expressing interest in carrying their products, Ryuouen has entrusted Kettl Tea to become their only wholesaler outside of Japan. We cherish this opportunity and the friendship, guidance and delicious tea they provide us

Tasting Notes: Saline Umami / Toasted Hazelnut / Sea Breeze

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan


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