Kiwami Collection - a quarterly subscription of our most esteemed tea

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The first installment of our Kiwami Collection has sold out. For those interested in joining at the second installment, we recommend signing up for back-in-stock updates. We will open up orders in June ahead of July shipping.

A new quarterly subscription of our most exclusive teas, forever unavailable anywhere else. Our Kiwami Collection is a testament to our deep connection with Japan's most revered tea makers—relationships developed over the last decade of working at origin which allow us to find and secure teas that never leave the shores of Japan.

The Kiwami Collection is a quarterly subscription (shipping in four installments a year) with extremely limited capacity—accommodating only 25 subscribers in the first shipment. Every three months we will curate and ship a box of three teas that showcase the singular potential of Japanese tea. Teas featured in the collection will never appear in our catalog for purchase, providing a truly intimate and exclusive experience.

We are truly honored to serve as stewards of these remarkable examples of passion and craft, distilled.

The first installment will ship on April 1st. Ensuing installments will ship every 3 months. Subscribers can pay per shipment ($250) or prepay for a year to save ($200 per shipment, $800 total).

Yumewakaba Dark Roast

This special tea is produced by Yoshiakai Hiruma in Sayama, Saitama. Hiruma san has developed a unique UV withering method to coax out the floral notes in his teas, and the resulting cups yield intense bouqets and unparalleled complexity. When we first started dreaming of the Kiwami Collection, we knew that we wanted to feature one of Hiruma san's teas because of his rare production methods and singular results, and this oolong was a standout from his most recent harvest. Deeply fragrant and honeyed, this is one to savor.

Shirahime Sencha

Propagated from Zairai, our Shirahime sencha is made from its namesake cultivar. Shirahime has naturally lower levels of Chlorophyll and higher levels of naturally occurring L-Theanine. Often described as "natural Gyokuro", Shirahime may be one of the sweetest Sencha we've come across with a texture akin to French butter and a lasting, elegant finish. Truly special and rare: The annual output for this tea is less than 5% of our other Yame Sencha.

Competition Tamaryokucha

A truly one-of-a-kind offering with only 3.8kg of tea produced, our competition Tamryokucha was purchased at auction by Kettl founder Zach Mangan. Produced by farmer Seiichiro Nagano in Miyazaki prefecture, this tea is the highest expression of his dedication to quality which can be seen in the beautiful shape of the leaves and the stunning clarity of color in the cup. Rich and viscous with a notable fragrance of the Yabukita cultivar, we are so proud to offer this stunning tea.