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Kiwami Matcha | きわみ

Brewed Kiwami Matcha green tea

When prepared as koicha expect notes of dark chocolate and melted cream. Kiwami is a complete experience - sweet, focused and deep without being heavy handed.

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate / Sweet Grass / Fresh Cream

Tea Origin: Fukuoka, Japan

Packaging: 20g canister

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing Matcha!

First time trying this awesome matcha and I certainly was not disappointed! Can’t wait to get my next batch in ♥️♥️♥️

Buttery smooth

This matcha is amazing - it has a very smooth texture in your mouth, and the taste is very well rounded and you indeed taste the chocolate notes as specified in the description. Poor quality matcha is often bitter and has an unappealing dark green colour, whereas this matcha (and other matcha I've bought from Kettl!) has an appealing bright green colour.

Pleasant smell but very rich

As the description says, the scent notes are spot on and quite lovely. It is a rich matcha and it takes time to get used to. I don’t taste much in the way of bitterness that other matcha teas gave me. This is more of a special occasion tea.

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