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Welcome to Mill Club. Each month Kettl will choose an exclusive tencha from one of Japan’s top producers—think single cultivars and vintages, and teas with a story—and slowly mill the tea on our traditional stone mill at our Greenpoint, Brooklyn location. We will then ship the Matcha to you just after grinding ensuring a fresh, radiant bowl of tea awaits you.

All new Mill Club installments ship on the 15th of each month.

Members who join between the 1st and the 15th will receive the upcoming selection as their first order, shipped on the 15th. Memebers who join between the 15th and the end of the month will receive the current selection as their first order immediately upon sign up. Ensuing orders will be processed on the 15th.

Kuma Saemidori

Masahiro Kuma is a third-generation tea farmer working in Yame in Fukuoka who possesses an intangible combination of humility, confidence, and, openness in his approach to tea farming. He works with no agrochemicals or commercial pesticides since his farm is situated in the mountains of Joyo-Machi in Fukuoka and benefits from a near-constant blustery breeze that wards off unwanted guests. At this elevation, his fields receive a perfect combination of strong morning light and cool nights which help to slow growth and concentrate sweetness. Kuma san thinks that his teas should reflect the places they’re grown in—not just Japan, Yame, or even Joyo-machi, but the exact mountainside where his tea bushes have taken hold. We find that this 100% Saemidori matcha does just that—transporting us to the fields with an expressive and verdant profile that blooms in the cup.

Producer: Masahiro Kuma

Origin: Yame, Fukuoka

Packaging: 20g tin


2g powder/ 70ml Water (180°F)

Whisk until a fine foam appears.