Roast Club Subscription: Fresh Roasted Houjicha

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Welcome to Roast Club. A monthly supply of fresh Houjicha roasted in house on our infared roaster and shipped to your doorstep. Each month Kettl will choose an exclusive Houjicha base from one of Japan’s top producers - think unique cultivars and particularly fragrant selections.  We will slowly roast the tea and ship the houjicha to you within 24 hours of roasting ensuring a fresh, fragrant tea awaits you. We will also include a serving of the unroasted tea for you to be able to explore the nuaunce of the tea both roasted and unroasted.


Subscription includes 1 50g bag of Houijcha and 1 x 5g bag of unroasted tea.

Monthly shipments will rebill and ship on the 15th of each month. 

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February, 2024 | Now Roasting: Yame Kukicha

A blend of stems and leaf from the hills of Fukuoka. Houjicha Kukicha boasts a classic profile of medium roasted fragrance and rich texture on the palate. We love this tea as a daily drinker on the cold mornings of winter.

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