Complete Shirakawa Matcha Collection

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We are proud to offer a new collection featuring the entire range of matcha offerings from Kyoyharu Tsuji, Uji's most celebrated single cultivar Matcha producer. This set allows the drinker to compare and analyze how each cultivar expresses itself while isolating region and production methodology. The set contains one 20g tin of each tin:

From arguably the most revered garden in Uji this incredible 100% Asahi cultivar matcha is grown by Mr Kiyoharu Tsuji - Japan’s most awarded producer of matcha. Tsuji san's somewhat radical approach to garden management produces matcha with incredibly high levels of Theanine - sometimes double the amount of conventional teas. We invite you to try this special small allotment from a legend of Uji.

Tasting Notes: Concentrated umami / Vanilla / Meringue Sweetness
Tea Origin: Uji, Japan
Packaging: 20g Canister

Uji Hikari

A single cultivar 100% Uji Hikari matcha from Shirakawa, Uji. A rare treat, this tea was shaded with 100% rice straw coverings known as Honzu. This imbues the tea with a rich, heady fragrance. Uji Hikari is easy to drink with a refreshing mouthfeel and long, buttery finish.

Tasting Notes: Balanced Umami / Creamy / Balanced sweetness
Tea Origin: Uji, Japan
: 20g Canister

A single cultivar 100% Gokou matcha from Shirakawa, Uji. This is a wonderful chance to try unblended Gokou Matcha - made from one of Uji's most celebrated local culitvars. Gokou has an intoxicating aroma with a balanced, full bodied finish. Made by a true living legend.

Tasting Notes: Ultra fragrant / Textured / Lasting Freshness
Tea Origin: Uji, Japan
Packaging: 20g Canister

This is a wonderful chance to try unblended Samidori Matcha - made from Uji's trademark cultivar. Samidori matcha is the most gentle of all of Tsuji san's offerings. We love this as a luxurious everyday matcha. This Matcha can be prepared both as Usucha and Koicha.

Tasting Notes: Fresh cut grass / Creamy / Pleasing balance
Tea Origin: Uji, Japan
Packaging: 20g Canister