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Uji No Sato Sencha | 宇治の里煎茶

Packaging Size: 100g & 1kg

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About Uji No Sato Sencha | 宇治の里煎茶茶

Description: Uji No Sato is a delicate, light steamed Sencha from Uji. It was our hope to offer a tea that exemplified the Kyoto style Sencha: light, refreshing and exotic. This blend of primarily Yabukita was harvested in spring by multiple tea growers and gathered at auction by our producer. The finishing techniques employed are first-rate and this field blend showcases exactly why Uji is still revered as the Burgundy of Japanese tea.

What is so special about this tea? This is a blend of Yabukita cultivars from throughout Uji. Yabukita provides the archetypical profile of Sencha from this region: Light and fragrant, with a refreshing minerality and mild fruitiness. The absence of intense umami makes this a wonderful choice for those who find a more "tea" like green tea to be their specialty. The refined golden liquor brews up easily and consistently making this a great intro brewer as well. Do note, like most Sencha from this region, use slightly cooler water and shorter brewing time to avoid astringency.

Recommended for: A wonderful daily drinker and a great intro to Kyoto style Sencha.

Notes on Production


Multi Grower | Single Producer | Multi Cultivar

A classic lighter steamed sencha from Uji

Cultivars: Yabukita blend*

Tasting Notes

Minerality | Floral Fragrance | Fruity | Delicate


Uji, Japan

Brewing Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Favorite Sencha

As a novice to sencha, I prefer a subtle flavor. This really delivered. Kettl has truly impressed me. Exceptional teas and Fair Trade practices.



very nice green tea

I bought sencha tea a couple of years back when flying by Tokyo at the airport. My whole family loved it, even my 7 year old son. I've always wanted that again,,,found this tea on line, gave it a try, it was awesome. Will buy again.

Good light green tea

Good taste but make sure not to seep too long

Subtle and aromatic

I only give it four stars because Kettl sells even better tea at slightly higher price points

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