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Yame Black Tea Bags | 八女紅茶

Packaging Sizes: 12pcs & 100pcs

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Yame Black Tea Bags | 八女紅茶

Yame Black: Truly a unique offering, our Yame black is rare in that the volume of black tea made in Japan annually is incredibly low. While Yame black is sturdy enough to stand up to milk, lemon and sugar it really shines on its own with a beautiful depth of character. If you are a lover of bright, malty breakfast style black tea - this will be a perfect fit. We describe this tea as being Indian or Sri Lankan in style with a lovely, mild finish. Made from the Benifuuki cultivar, Yame black showcases the possibilites of Japan's emerging black tea market.

A Tea Bag?: We love the portability and ease of a tea bag, but have always been less than impressed with the quality of both the tea inside and the experience of brewing tea with them. We always wondered, what if someone put great quality tea in a tea bag that was designed to actually make great tea? Well, We didn't want to wait - so we went ahead and made it ourselves. Each one of these tea bags is made with real leaf in a pyramid shaped bag which provides enough room to allow the tea to steep properl.y -

Notes on Production


Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar

Cultivars: Benifuuki

Tasting Notes

Malt | Grape Skin | Coppery Liquor


Fukuoka, Japan

Brewing Instructions

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